Soccer – First Game!

September 16, 2016

K started his first ever sport team. We decided to have him begin with soccer. Both the hubs and I know very little about the sport. In all honesty, our thought process was ” they have to run around a lot and get tons of energy out – lets go with soccer”. I have two cousins in college who are pretty much all stars at soccer, so maybe I am hoping “it runs in the family”. We were warned not to expect too much from team made up of 3 & 4 year olds. For us, it is perfection! They know nothing about the sport, we know nothing about the sport. We shall grow and learn together.

There is something so absolutely adorable about K in a uniform. I love seeing his little legs with shin guards and soccer socks. There is also something so sweet about the little ones kicking the goals into the wrong nets and stopping mid game to look at birds or a plane flying by. I absolutely love these moments of being a mom. Seeing your children try something for the first time, it feels like such a gift. I get so excited to think about the kiddos finding what they love and watching them grow.



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