October 3, 2016

M had a 5th birthday quickly approaching. We don’t do parties every year typically it goes: 1st birthday – party, 3rd birthday – Disney, 5th birthday party. Well this is how it has gone so far everything could change for baby #3 (sorry little one, even if you don’t have one party, we love you just as much). On the “off years” we do celebrations with just us as a family. I do have to admit that even those little family celebrations are usually pretty special. I am always over the top with birthdays and Christmas, I want them to feel like magic for my kiddos. I didn’t grow up in a family that had a ton of extra money but those days were always made to feel special for us.

So this year, M turns 5. 5! I can hardly believe that I have been blessed so richly these past 5 years. 5 just sounds like a big deal to me. Gone are all the baby ways and most the toddler ways too. I have a “kid”. WHAAATTTT!?!?!

When talking with M about what kind of party she wanted we went over a lot of different options. I knew a party at the house wasn’t an option. Our rental is small and completely not conducive to a 5 year old party. We talked about bounce houses and children’s play museums but ultimately, decided on a swimming party after the kids took lessons and were in love. As soon as she said she wanted to swim, I suggested a flamingo theme. M took no time whatsoever to exclaim, YES! She has loved flamingos for a while now.

The party turned out to be such a success and fun was had by all.

For privacy reasons I tried to leave out pictures with any of the child guests.233238234257274291328334


Added bonus to having a party for your little one. Your really good friends show up (some with their really cute babies) and you get to enjoy a much overdo visit!


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