September – Build Update

October 4, 2016

Since this home building experience is such a huge blessing in our life, I thought I would blog about the process and do monthly updates. Everyone says building a house is really difficult – a labor of love (I think I am already experiencing another huge labor of love this month – I’ve met my quota). They are so right, goodness, I needed more empathy when people use to tell me their stories.

There are so many stories from our entire process starting from the very beginning. It all started when we put our last home on the market in January 2016. I will have to save all of those for another day though. Believe me, some of them are sure to make for some good entertainment.

For today, we will start in the month of September in 2016. We had waited for our permit for about 2x’s the quoted time from the county. It was not necessarily the county’s fault they had questions for the builder and there was a lot of back and forth. For the most part, we had been in a stagnant holding pattern since about June and we were feeling so discouraged. No real updates except for those that included set backs. I must note however, I know some people who waited for up to 2 years to get a building permit! I guess it’s all about perspective.

On September 14th we received word that our permit had been approved. HALLELUJAH! That felt like we had overcome the biggest hurdle. Here is the timeline of how things went the rest of the month.

  • September 14th – Permit Approval
  • September 14th – Excavation Began (we had a heads up on the permit approval)
  • September 21st – Footings Formed, Footings Inspection (passed), Footings Poured
  • September 22nd – Walls Formed
  • September 23rd – Wall Inspection (passed), Walls Poured
  • September 24th – Walls Stripped

We were literally at the land like all day every day while this action was happening. It’s not every day when you get to see big trucks and machinery on your land starting to build your dream home. K was in 3 year old boy heaven!

For the rest of the month there was no activity because we got a TON of rain. Some of the next steps to come are: plumbing groundwork, termite inspection and pouring of the slab and then FRAMING (do you hear the angels signing?). Between all of that and the arrival of babe #3 I think October is shaping up to be a beautiful and busy month!


Below are some pictures (well, a lot). I always love to look at pictures on other blogs however, these might be completely non thrilling if you don’t care at all about building!

How about you? Have any building stories? I would love to hear them. I am pretty certain it is a tie that binds!

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