October Build Update

November 30, 2016

October was bound to be an eventful month. Even if nothing happened with the house we knew our sweet babe was going to be arriving. Luckily, some things did happen with the house and we were thrilled to be making a few more steps towards our family of 5 (!) to move in.

  • October 18th – Back filled around the house
  • October 19th – We had the previous owners foundation excavated and smoothed over
  • October 21st – E WAS BORN!! Not house related but noteworthy for sure!
  • October 24th – Slab poured
  • October 29th – Made the selections for siding, stone and shutters
  • October 31st – Framing Started

I absolutely love reading about other people’s experiences with their own homes. Have you ever renovated, remodeled or built?Have any tips or advice? I would love to hear all about it. This home stuff is no joke!

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